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Quest MN History

Posted by npolaschek on 10th September and posted in Uncategorized

Today, we finished up our discussion about Longitude and Latitude and starting a map challenge. Students were asked to look at a map and find things like where a county seat was and what county certain town were in. Students will complete this activity on Friday.

Tomorrow we will be watching a video commemorating September 11th and have a short discussion about it.

There is no homework tonight.

Global Studies (9/10)

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Today, we worked in our student interactive notebooks and identified elements of a map. We read section 1.3 and completed activity 2 in the student handbook. We also began talking about Latitude and Longitude.

Tomorrow we will be watching a video on the September 11th attack.

Homework: Students who did not complete their activities in their notebook will need to do so by Friday. I will be checking students work on Friday and they will be responsible to have this completed by then.

Quest MN History (9/8)

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Today, we discussed our maps that we created over the weekend and showed them to the class. Each of the maps were to include all of the TODALSS aspects of a map. Then, we looked at the ten largest cities in MN and attempted to identify what was the cause of their growth.

Tomorrow: We will be discussing why the ten largest cities were created. We will take them one by one and use geographic and historical information to infer why these cities are so large and why other cities are not. We will look at several different industries in MN and consider how industry and business has impacted the geography of MN. Finally, we will begin looking at several different elements of geography including Latitude, Longitude, Absolute and Relative location.

There is no homework tonight.

Welcome back!

Posted by npolaschek on 2nd September and posted in Uncategorized

Welcome to Mrs. Polaschek’s class! It’s exciting to start another year here at BCMS. Today we will be going over the syllabus and getting to know each other. We’ll be doing several different activities to do this!

I’m Mr. Brown and I will be Mrs. Polashek’s long term substitute until November. I’m looking forward to teaching and sharing the first part of this year with all of you!

Social Problems Blog Roll

Posted by manninen on 18th April and posted in Uncategorized

L. Bean

A. Casey

B. Christian

E. Clifton

K. Cole

K. Danielson

A. Dela Cruz

K. Knudsen

M. Koppi

L. Lamont

H. Lee

B. Lindquist

S. Lorentzen

A. Ogdahl

J. Otto

J. Patnode

M. Pfleghaar

S. Phillips

N. Plubyai

A. Probst

M. Rixe

I. Scherber

J. Schram

L. Schultz

C. Sonju

J. Spreeman

A. Stadt

R. Thaemert

D. Thielen

E. Thompson

M. Valli

S. Van Muyden

E. Varner

E. Weber

S. Wilson

K. Zumach


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WordPress Network

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BHM Schools is hosting a WordPress Network as one option for classroom teachers and students to easily create and maintain blogs.  These blogs can be used to post classroom products, resources, lesson information, activities, and communicate with students as they learn and grow.  You can access individual teachers blogs by visiting the school’s website at and navigating to the teacher’s page.  The blogs are linked from the staff member’s page.

Teachers who would like to start a WordPress site for their classroom should contact Ryan McCallum or Jenny Wykle for accounts.  Ryan or Jenny would be more than happy to help you get going or give you rights and let you begin to play and dream about the possibilities.  Ryan has created a great resource to help you get started that is linked below.

Create a WordPress Site in Just 5 Steps

Once your site is started Ryan and Jenny can help you get it linked through the school website so it is easy for you students and parents to find.  Watch for more posts and resources to come.  Happy blogging!

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