I think Journalism can be creative if you add in your own writing style and make it more than just the information. I also feel it is getting harder to be creative because so many people before us have been creative that ideas are being used but i also feel there is a lot of things to do and create still but less than before, now its more updating things than creating new. I feel it isn’t impossible to be creative on your own but it is harder than having assistance. I think people become less creative as they age because they learn the laws and regulations of the world and what is acceptable and what isn’t, which can limit creativity. But also as we get older we learn more ways toi be creative so it can go either way. Schools do limit creativity because we have certain rules that we have to follow and we have to try and please teachers not our own selves. What I love and someone “teacher” else loves can vary and creativity can be limited by that. Teachers dont like things against the norm and generally creativity is against the norm, so teachers avoid allowing students to get to understand themselves. Grades are awful, I was going to attend this school in Washington where they have Progress Reports instead of Grade reports they discuss how they feel they did and weather or not they felt that they grew in the class. Well i dont know what i want to do but I feel like I will do my best to make it different. I will probably be in corporate business because that suites my personality well and also I’m very good at delegating and coming up with creative ideas and finding other people to pursue them. My creative process doesn’t exist other than I have an idea I either do, find someone to do it for me, or dont do it at all. I need inspiration I’m less creative when I am alone because I dont have people to bounce my ideas off of. My mom helps me be creative because she is super creative herself but then again they limit my extreme ideas. I think creativity is intelligence, intelligent people find better ways to do things and creativity can make people more intelligent. I feel like you can’t fail when being creative based on others opinions but you can based on your own.  You dont have to be first to be creative, you have to be first to do it your way.

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